Fuller Consulting: HACCP compliance, Plant Design, General Butchery Consulting.

Services Include: 

  • Facility design - architect advising, site & building plan review, equipment placement (including electrical and plumbing needs) 
  • Operational Advising - procedural development and training, production layout, inventory systems, efficiency reviews
  • Butchery Consulting - whole animal breakdown, producer relations, meat cutter training, yield analysis, menu development, merchandising, product marketing
  • USDA compliance - HACCP plan development, writing, implementation, and training including RTE, cured, and smoked products.
  • On-site reviews of buildings and equipment intended for purchase.
  • On-site consulting with general contractors for new construction or renovation.

Fuller Consulting is available to help you with your meat-based projects be it a butcher shop, traditional processing plant, restaurant, or on-farm slaughter facility. Visit Chris's blog to read advice, lessons, and stories in small meat processing. The tips you'll see there focus on design, planning, and operations. Learn more about our services on the advising page, then contact us to share your needs.

We are committed to bringing the availability of high-quality, well-raised meats back to the US. Our belief is that everyone deserves good meat - with a fair price to the farmers, the butchers, and the consumers.