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Meet Chris Fuller:

getting it right the first time

I've worked with a lot of meat. I've worked in a lot of meat facilities. For every "genius" component or procedure I've come across or developed myself, I've seen several more expensive, inefficient ones that could have been avoided.

It's already enough of a challenge to design, build and operate a small meat processing plant successfully - avoiding unnecessary mistakes and creating the most streamlined business possible is why I started Fuller Consulting.

My core services include business development, operational efficiency improvements, facility design, procedural implementation, staff and management training and HACCP/SSOP development.



  • Operations
  • Business development
  • Efficiency
  • Design
  • Training
  • Procurement
  • Food safety

scope of expertise

Fuller Consulting is available to help you strategize and launch your meat-based projects, whether a butcher shop, traditional processing plant, restaurant, or on-farm slaughter facility. 

My expertise falls within the scope of red meat processing, including:

  • USDA or custom-exempt (including game processing)
  • Certified organic
  • Exotic meats such as bison or yak
  • Humane handling including Animal Welfare Approved certified raising & slaughtering
  • Retail or wholesale

Our belief is that everyone deserves high quality and responsibly raised meat - with a fair price for everyone involved. 


Free advice

Visit the blog to read advice, lessons and stories in small meat processing. The tips you'll see there focus on design, planning, and operations.

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 Join my private Facebook group and ask direct questions to our community of processing leaders. 

see me in action

Business is quickly growing, and the HACCP (plan) has been easy to follow and has made our inspectors very happy. We feel like it has been analyzed forwards, backwards, and upside down...all with no real issues. The fact that we survived our FSA with only two very minor NR’s is a huge testament to our partnership! Therefore, I would be honored to recommend your services at any opportunity.
— Amy Robinette, Micro Summit Processors, NC